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Want an alternative to old inefficient storage heaters?

Say goodbye to cold evenings and high energy bills with an energy efficient alternative to your old storage heaters. Whether it’s ceramic core or thermal-fluid electric radiators, or innovative high heat retention storage heaters, you can look forward to a warm and cosy home that costs you less than you think.

Why replace my existing storage heaters?

Poorly Insulated

Old storage heaters are poorly insulated, resulting in them losing heat constantly through the day

Poor Heat Retention

They rarely retain enough heat to warm up your home when you need it most, like in the evenings or when it’s cold


Despite using off-peak energy, they cost far more to run than high heat retention storage heaters and other electric heating solutions

Ugly & Bulky

They are often ugly and bulky and are an eyesore in your home unlike modern heaters which come in various colours, designs, and styles

No Control

You can’t set when old storage heaters turn on and off or their temperature to suit the way you live

Better Alternatives

Electric heating has evolved massively in recent years – delivering warmth when you want it and reducing your energy bills

What are the best alternatives to choose?

High heat retention storage heaters

Like old storage heaters, these use a cheaper off-peak energy tariff like Economy 7 or Economy 10 to draw low-cost electricity overnight. But thanks to industry leading levels of internal insulation and a host of clever energy saving features, they lock this heat in until you need it at any time of the day. You choose the temperature and when they turn on and off, like you would with a radiator.

Ceramic core electric radiators

These work by efficiently converting energy into heat and storing this in high capacity internal ceramic plates, ready to be released at exactly the right temperature whenever you want. They deliver more radiant heat than a standard electric radiator and are super-efficient and economical. And they are available in a wide range of sizes, colours, and styles, perfect for any room, including those that are poorly insulated or have high ceilings.

Dimplex Quantum Smart Storage Heater 

Thermal-fluid electric radiators

Thermal-fluid or oil filled electric radiators have a heating element inside them that heats up the fluid to deliver efficient controllable warmth. They use natural air convection to warm the whole room, maintaining a consistent temperature with no fluctuations. What’s more, they don’t dry out the air in your home like a conventional gas central heating system, meaning you enjoy a heating experience like no other. Available in a range of sizes, styles, and colours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose a company that has vast experience installing electric heating solutions and understands the energy market and how you can save the most money. Look for a company that is verified and accredited and provides unbiased advice, rather than one that is tied to just one manufacturer or one alternative to storage heaters. Make sure the company you choose has your best interests at heart and cares about providing an honest end-to-end service that delights its customers.

If you are planning on selling the property – by law, you must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when selling your home, so prospective buyers can see the energy efficiency of the property. Having old inefficient storage heaters is likely to mean your EPC rating is low, which may deter potential buyers and mean some lenders are unwilling to provide a mortgage on it. Replacing or upgrading the storage heaters is the answer, however, installing the wrong alternative heating solution could actually make your EPC rating worse, so it is vital you speak to experts like Greenvision Energy first.

If you are planning on renting out the property – as a landlord, you have a legal responsibility to ensure your rental properties meet or exceed a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) standard set by the Government (which is being raised in 2025). Unless you do, you could face a fine of up to £30,000 (up from £5,000 now). But replacing old storage heaters with the wrong kind of heating system could make your property LESS energy efficient than before, meaning you may have to replace it again to stay within the law. Greenvision Energy can advise on which future-proof heating solution to install to stay legally compliant and save you and your tenants money.

Yes! The type of property you live in and how well it is insulated makes a huge difference when selecting the right alternative heating solution for your home. For example, a poorly insulated detached home with solid walls is more likely to benefit from high heat retention storage heaters that use off-peak energy and can release heat steadily through the day maintaining a consistent temperature. By comparison, a mid-floor flat with cavity wall insulation and very little heat loss, would be more suited to high efficiency ceramic core or thermal-fluid radiators that only need to be used when it is particularly cold. But there are other options available too, such as cutting-edge infrared panel heaters, and other factors to also consider such as whether you’re using or installing solar panels and a battery storage system. Greenvision Energy are the experts in electric heating and can advise on exactly the right solution for your home.

How you plan to use your new heating system makes a big difference when deciding on which type to go for. For example, if you are a shift worker or someone that owns a holiday home (or even an Airbnb property), you may find it useful to go for a system that can be controlled remotely from an app on your phone or tablet device. This means you’ll be able to turn the heating on or off, change the temperature, and even lock some controls to prevent guest changing settings, from wherever you are, including on your way home.


But you may need a different type of electric heating system if you plan to turn a bedroom into an office and work from home, or have spare bedrooms with low heat demands and limited space.


Greenvision Energy can talk you through all the options available and as an independent business not tied to any one manufacturer, will always provide you with free unbiased advice and guidance.

As well as high heat retention storage heaters and ceramic core and thermal-fluid radiators, there are a wide range of other electric heating solutions that you may want to consider. These include:

Panel convector heaters

Ideal for rooms that only need heat for short periods, panel convector heaters are designed to deliver bursts of heat when required. Perfect for spare bedrooms or locations that need an additional heat source to boost the temperature, these cost effective heaters can be freestanding or wall mounted and include many of the same energy saving features as more expensive heaters, such as high precision thermostats, 24/7 programming, and wi-fi connectivity, meaning you can control them remotely.

Low surface temperature radiators

Designed to comply with NHS guidelines, low surface temperature radiators (LSTs) are cool to the touch and hence ideal for locations such as hospitals, childcare settings and nurseries, and care homes where hot radiators could present a scalding risk. Their built-in fan ensures rapid high heat output, whilst the internal sensor calculates the time needed to warm up the room and when to turn off to maintain the desired room temperature and reduce energy costs.

Infrared heating

Electric infrared heating is the most energy efficient alternative to gas and oil powered heating around. It works like the sun, directly heating objects within a room like floors and walls that then release the heat back into the surrounding environment. Perfect for rooms with high ceilings or poor insulation, these innovative heaters can be positioned on ceilings or high on walls and can even be printed on to look like a piece of artwork. They are also super slim and available in a range of sizes and shapes.

Why Greenvision Energy?

Which? Trusted Trader

EDF Energy approved partner – EDF exclusively uses Greenvision Energy for their electric heating installations

Full end-to-end service for homeowners, landlords, and businesses, from initial consultation through to installation and follow-up checks

Free quote within 24 hours and a free home survey and design and planning service

Award-winning installation service including for low-energy consumption electric hot water cylinders that can save you hundreds of pounds each year

Free guidance on the right heaters and hot water cylinder for your home including their size, type, and optimum location

Buy Now – Pay Later payment options available including 0% interest option

Scores of 5 star reviews and glowing testimonials from customers across the country

Easy to deal with company – no hard selling or lengthy appointments and most heaters installed within just 14 days of initial enquiry

Installations include removal of your old heating system, setting up your new heaters, and showing you how to get the best out of them

Free aftercare and customer support

Established in 2011 and trusted by organisations including local councils, housing associations, Lords Cricket Ground, and the Royal Academy of Music

Why Electric Heating?

Better for the environment

Better for the environment than gas central heating that relies on fossil fuels and releases carbon dioxide (CO2)


No risk of dangerous carbon monoxide fumes

Waterless so no risk of burst pipes


Available in a wide range of different sizes, colours, styles, and designs

Can be located anywhere in your home, including where gas radiators can’t

More convenient

Easy to install and maintenance free

Long warranty periods from 10 years to 30 years

Clever Features

Available with a host of clever energy saving features, from open window detection to wi-fi control using your mobile phone


Can use standard rate electricity or a low cost off-peak dual rate tariff (such as Economy 7) depending on the type of heater selected

Warmer Quicker

Typically heats up much quicker than gas central heating (which also needs the whole system to be on to heat up just one room)


Electric heaters can be controlled independently so you can set when they turn on and off, and the perfect temperature, for each room

Get creative with a wide range of colour options

Why go for standard white radiators when you could have them in a wide range of colours that perfectly suit your home? Both ceramic core and thermal-fluid radiators are available in a choice of hundreds of colours so you can let your imagination run wild!

Why Choose Electric Heating Over Gas Central Heating?

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Based on 42 reviews
Andrew Packham
Andrew Packham
My experience of Greenvision has been excellent.They were really helpful, accommodating and understanding in responding to my requirements when they changed. Particular thanks to Paul Campbell. Would recommend.
Martyn Shellard
Martyn Shellard
Excellent from start to finish 😊 highly recommend you speak with these guys before going anywhere else. Thanks guys 😊😊😊
Alison Hutchings
Alison Hutchings
Greenvision are very professional and knowledgeable and I am very happy with my new Dimplex storage heaters. They are very easy to get hold of and are friendly and reliable. I would highly recommend them.
Jennifer Randall
Jennifer Randall
I have been very happy with the service received from Greenvision from ordering , installation and after sales contacr
Kaye Walton
Kaye Walton
I cannot speak highly enough of everyone that I have dealt with at Greenvision with regards to the replacement of my storage heaters. They made the whole process painless and even the installation was quick and done with care. Looking at my electricity usage after the first month, it is around half of what it has been before the installation.
Roz Norman
Roz Norman
Greenvision were professional and knowledgeable about quantum storage heaters. They were prompt in responding to calls and arrived and installed when they stated they were going to. Installation was efficient and the workmen cleaned up after the work area after. After care has been very helpful and they are very patient in guiding through the programming of new heaters for extra information needed.
Barbora Smith
Barbora Smith
From beginning to end Greenvision have been great to deal with no drama at al. From Paul with the original sale to Dave fitting and Amanda for all her help and Knowledge. The Dimplex system is working great and any questions I have Amanda is always ready to help.
Andy Doran
Andy Doran
Greenvision Energy were replacing my Storage Heaters. The service was excellent from the start. I enquired through EDF who passed my details to Greenvision. Within a couple of days they had contacted me and talked over what I required, which included other electrical work. They then sent an estimate. I contacted another large company, who phoned me and I advised what I required. Four weeks later I still haven't received their estimate. I asked Greenvision to give me a fixed price quote so they sent a representative down quickly who was vey efficient. Within a couple of days I had the quote which I accepted. The people at Greenvision were always very pleasant on the phone and always willing to answer any question I asked. Within 14 days the work had been completed. The engineer who came was on time and very pleasant. He was a very efficient worker and left everything clean and tidy. I can well recommend this Company.
Isobel Gleave
Isobel Gleave
I'm very pleased that I went ahead and replaced my old storage heaters with the new Dimplex ones. The whole process went smoothly and efficiently and Greenvision were very helpful at all stages and didn't rush me. Apart from working better than the old ones they also look smart, as does the new bedroom panel heaters. The installers did a brilliant job and didn't leave a trace.

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