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As independent, unbiased electric heating experts. we believe knowledge is power and helps you make the right decisions. We can guide you through the minefield of different heating options, answer any questions, and give you appropriate advice for your particular circumstances. Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or social housing provider we offer a free consultation to understand your requirements and free electric heating guides.

You can purchase our radiator by:

  • Shopping online from Greenvision’s electric radiator shop. This has leading industry energy efficient brands, which are packed with energy-saving features designed to reduce your energy bills, long guarantees, next day free delivery available on most items.
  • Supply and Installation Service. Sit back and relax with our supply and installation service. We install anything from one heater to multiple radiators, including removing gas central heating systems and replacing them with electric heating and water cylinders.

We are a Which? Trusted Trader and EDF Energy approved installer. EDF Energy exclusively uses Greenvision for all their electric heating installations. So, if you need help figuring out where to start, call 0115 854 7498 or email our electric heating experts at

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What are the different types of electric radiators?

Smart Storage Heaters

As the name implies, these are a “smart” version of the traditional storage heater. Whilst they work in broadly the same way, the bricks are encased in a highly insulated compartment which allows the stored heat to be released at pre-set times and temperatures. This means smart storage heaters can still take advantage of Economy 7 tariffs but provide much more flexible usage.

Oil Filled Radiators

Although filled with oil, they are electrically heated and don’t actually involve burning any oil. All Greenvision’s oil-filled radiators have thermostats, smart timers and controls which help to reduce your energy bills. They use a mix of radiant and convected heat so are ideal in rooms where you need consistent warmth and quick heat up times.

Ceramic/ Clay Core Radiators

Ceramic / clay core radiators have core plates which stay hotter for longer and produce more radiant heat compared to standard electric radiators. Radiant heat gives you a warm and cosy feeling just like the heat produced by the sun. They can be installed in any room including bathrooms and conservatories and are very useful for rooms that have high ceilings or are poorly insulated.

What are the different types of electric heaters?

Panel Convector Heaters

Panel convector heaters use standard rate electricity and provide fairly constant heat when switched on. They are 100% efficient at point of use and are ideal for rooms that only need heating for short periods, although in compact, well insulated properties they can be used as a complete heating system.

Infrared Heating

Infrared is the direct transfer of heat from the heater to the object (you and the room around you) without heating the air. It gives the same feeling the sun gives us when our bodies absorb heat, making us feel warm and comfortable. Infrared heaters are a good energy efficient alternative to gas, oil and electric heating systems – perfect for reducing your fuel bills!

Low Surface Temperature Radiators

Low surface temperature radiators (LTS) are designed to comply with the NHS Estates Health Guidelines. With a maximum surface temperature of 43°C, they are perfect for care homes, children’s nurseries, schools and hospitals where a standard heater isn’t practical or safe. Perfect in a home environment for children’s bedrooms for example. They can be locked to prevent tampering.

Key features of our electric radiators

About Electric Radiators

Whilst gas is currently available at cheaper rates than electricity, some tariffs such as Economy 7 off peak are even comparable to gas prices, electric radiators can still work out cheaper to run than gas or oil central heating because they are extremely energy efficient and offer precision heating control.

Electric radiators allow you to control the heating in each room of your house separately. With programming available on all of our radiators you can set up a heating schedule for each room individually.  If you temporarily don’t use a room, you can set this on a lower setting to come on less often or even switch it off. With full control over each electric radiator you are able to slim down your heating bills.

To heat your room effectively you will need to choose radiators with a high enough wattage to efficiently heat the space. You can refer to the Technical Specifications tab for each product for guidance (see the Heat up M2) Or if you need help to calculate the wattage please call Greenvision on 0115 854 7498 or email us at

You will then need to choose a radiator or combination of radiators which add up to the required wattage. If your wattage calculation is on the borderline between two sizes we always recommend choosing the larger radiator. Under-specifying your heating will either leave you cold or will overwork your radiators, wasting energy and shortening their lifespans. Larger radiators will simply spend less time switched on, saving you money whilst maintaining comfortable temperatures.

Our electric radiators use fast-acting heat elements to warm rooms with a mixture of radiated and convected heat – working in just the same way as central heating radiators.

Electric radiators are much cheaper to install than gas central heating. They are also more reliable and require barely any maintenance. Electric radiators offer much more scope to increase the energy efficiency of your heating because they can take advantage of more and more sophisticated electronic heating control technology.

Electric radiators work individually, with each radiator equipped with its own thermostat and programmable timer. This immediately gives electric radiators an advantage because they do not waste energy.

Gas central heating is one of the most popular heating systems in the country, used in the majority of homes across the UK. However, in the last few decades electric heating technology has developed at such a rate that energy efficient electric radiators now offer an economical alternative. Innovative new thermal elements, fast and effective electrical components and state-of-the-art heating control features allow you to trim down and control your energy usage like never before – giving you the potential to significantly reduce your heating costs.

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Isobel Gleave
Isobel Gleave
I'm very pleased that I went ahead and replaced my old storage heaters with the new Dimplex ones. The whole process went smoothly and efficiently and Greenvision were very helpful at all stages and didn't rush me. Apart from working better than the old ones they also look smart, as does the new bedroom panel heaters. The installers did a brilliant job and didn't leave a trace.
Gemma Rogers
Gemma Rogers
Quality service for installation of a new Dimplex Quantum storage heater, Rointe electric towel rail, updated fuse box and all associated. The service provided by Greenvision went beyond all expectations. Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. Stuart and Paul provided professional advice based on what would be best for me. The virtual survey option was ideal, so we could discuss options and get a quote straight away, which meant from contacting Greenvision to installation was only a couple of weeks! Amanda was great in keeping me up to date about the installation and arrangements. On the day, Dan arrived exactly when expected and fitted everything perfectly, it's made such a difference. Thank you to everyone at Greenvision. Very impressed and wouldn't hesitate to recommend!
Peter Graystone
Peter Graystone
I found Greenvision very pleasant to work with. The explanation of the product, and the survey to check it was suitable for my home were both excellent. The engineer was courteous and efficient, although I would have loved it if he had vacuumed before he left. I'm very pleased on the whole.
Purchase and installation of Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters. Very professional from start to finish. In contact throughout. Answered questions and were friendly and helpful. Fitters were very efficient and even brought a hoover to clear up afterwards! They explained everything regarding usage. Very polite and professional from start to finish. Would recommend.
ann munro
ann munro
I instigated my business with Greenvision 6 weeks or so ago. The staff at Greenvision were informative, considerate of my needs and quick to answer any queries. Adjustments to my advantage were made after a survey which have proved to be most adequate. The installation occurred on 16th. January. The engineers were on time, efficient and considerate, clearing up and tidying up as they proceeded. They took time to make sure I understood the basics of operating my heaters. I will certainly recommend Greenvision where and when I can. So quick.
Sarah Moyer
Sarah Moyer
I used Greenvision for purchase and installation of 2 electrical high heat retention heaters for use with Economy 7. Everyone at Greenvision was friendly and helpful. Although based in Nottingham they facilitated installers for me in London. The whole process was seamless, quick and efficient. I would certainly recommend this company.
Carol G
Carol G
We purchased new Dimplex storage heaters through Greenvision. I was totally impressed by their level of knowledge, advice, customer service and ability to organise an efficient installation of these products at our property in North Wales. Highly recommended!
Lucy Reynolds
Lucy Reynolds
Very pleased with the installation of a Quantum Dimplex storage heater. Clearly explained at all stages and electrician who installed it was excellent.
Ray W
Ray W
6 Dimplex Quantum storage heaters installed to replace old heaters and associated modifications carried out to wiring in meter cupboard. Friendly helpful installers and very professional job. Highly recommended.
Brian Lomas
Brian Lomas
Supplied and fitted 3 Dimplex Quantum storage heaters. Used Greenvision because other residents in our retirement flats recommended them from their experience. They were right to do so as our experience was the same. From start to finish our experience was seamless and efficient ,polite, friendly are words that come to mind. The team that arrived with us on installation day was Nathan/Paul and Luker. All three were cleanly dressed, polite and friendly but courteous. They were very competent indeed and represented an excellent image of the Company. J B and L Lomas SANDBACH