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What is a Dimplex Quantum high heat retention storage heater?

It’s all in the name ‘high heat retention’- Dimplex Quantum storage heaters charge at night like old storage heaters using cheap rate off-peak electricity, but they are able to store the heat more efficiently thanks to high levels of insulation inside the heater, which locks the heat in. You are in control of the stored heat. You choose when you want the heat to be released and at what temperature thanks to a smart thermostat and timer.

As an example, you may be at work during the day, Quantum allows you to turn your heating off or down to a lower temperature to provide background heat to conserve energy. On your return, you can increase the temperature via a smart app on your phone or by a 24/7 easy-to-use manual controller on the heater.

  • Lower energy bills * – the Dimplex Quantum is up to 27% cheaper to run than standard storage heaters-  and up to 47% cheaper to run than an electric convector or radiator system.
  • Controllable and easy to use  – you decide on your desired temperature and what time you want the heat to be released via an easy-to-use manual control panel or via the Dimplex App on your smartphone or tablet.
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    Controllable – Where standard storage heaters often deliver too much heat in the morning and not enough at night, Dimplex Quantum can be programmed to deliver heat for shorter or longer periods of time to suit your needs. 

    For example, useful for bedrooms where you may only want 1 hour’s worth of heat in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening at a lower temperature of, say, 19c. Alternatively, you may require heating for long periods, for example all day in a home office. The Dimplex Quantum uses a clever algorithim to calculate how much off-peak charge it needs to take to meet your particular requirements.

    Easy to use – the manual control panel has a big LED display – simply turn the dial clockwise to increase the temperature or anti-clockwise to reduce the temperature. The heater will do the rest and decide on how long it needs to charge for to achieve the required temperature.

    24/7  programming and holiday mode – set different On and Off times and temperatures for each day of the week if you wish to, really useful if you work shifts. Also if you are away on holiday you can program the storage heater to only come on if the room drops below a certain temperature (to stop any pipes from freezing) and to switch itself on to charge the night before you arrive back, so you’re returning to a warm and cosy home.

  • Intelligent heating with energy-saving features –there have been massive improvements in technology to reduce energy consumption in electric heating. Dimplex Quantum is Lot20 compliant and has a host of energy-saving features.
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    Open window detection – this feature detects an open window and will automatically turn the heater temporarily off saving energy and money. The heater will turn back on again once the window is closed.

    A self-learning algorithm – learns your heating patterns, monitors your energy consumption and decides on the optimum time plus the length of time to charge during your off-peak times. This is all automated so you can sit back and relax in your warm, efficient home.

    Wi-Fi option – control your heating from anywhere in the world via the Dimplex Control App. If you are away from home you can log in and turn your heating down or off. Also, if you have a second home, holiday let or an Airbnb you have full control of your heating remotely. The Dimplex Control App can be used with many other Dimplex products such as towel rails and water cylinders.

We'll help you make the right decision

As independent, unbiased electric heating experts. We believe knowledge is power and helps you make the right decisions. Whether you are a home owner, landlord or a social housing provider we offer a free consultation to understand your requirements and give you appropriate advice for your particular circumstances. Installing the wrong heating system could have a negative effect on your energy performance rating. We will guide you through the minefield of different heating options and answer any questions you may have. Let’s get started

  • Free energy performance advice, to help improve your EPC rating. Very useful if you are a landlord or thinking of selling your property
  • Free consultation to understand your needs and requirements
  • Free quotation within 24 hours
  • Free survey
  • Hassle free installation service, including removal of your old heaters, setting up your new heaters and showing you how to get the best out of them
  • Free aftercare and customer support.

This month's special offer

Free Dimplex Wi-Fi Hub worth £150.00. When you purchase two + heaters T & C apply*
  • Save energy and control your heating from anywhere in the world
  • Away from home? Login and turn your heating down or off
  • Second home, holiday let or Air B&B? Remotely control your heating
  • The Dimplex control app can be used with many other Dimplex products

Dimplex heating solutions for your entire home

By replacing your old storage heaters with Dimplex Quantum storage heaters you will have...

Dimplex Quantum Smart Storage Heater
Dimplex Quantum Smart Storage Heaters

A sound investment and lower energy bills*

Up to 27% cheaper to run than standard storage heaters and up to 47% cheaper to run than an electric convector radiator. This will minimise the impact of energy price increases. They will add value to your property, improve your energy performance certificate rating (EPC) and improve your comfort levels. The monthly cost-saving you make by having lower energy bills will offset the cost of your new heaters.

A warmer, cosy, energy efficient home

Imagine coming home to a warm comfortable home where you don’t have to be afraid to use your storage heaters. Dimplex Quantum storage heaters will save you energy because you are in control. You can turn your heating on just before you arrive home via the Dimplex Control App or programme them with the easy-to-use, manual 24/7 control panel.

Learn more Learn More. Unlike old standard storage heaters, you won’t be baking hot first thing in the morning or freezing cold later on in the evening. The insulation on the Quantum keeps the stored heat locked in until you need it.

Optimum performance

Are you heating the back of your sofa or a piece of furniture? We can advise on the best locations to place your new storage heaters to get maximum efficiency and create a more workable living space. We have a range of storage heaters to accommodate different spaces and locations.

Learn more The Quantum has been designed to hide/cover a multitude of sins yet they are similar in size to your old storage heaters, minimising decoration. Also, we recommend the installation of the Dimplex Qrad ultra-efficient panel heater for areas that don’t have high heat demands like spare bedrooms. Why fit a storage heater if not required?

Correctly sized storage heaters

Incorrectly sized storage heaters or the wrong type of radiators in your home could cost you £100’s per year. Undersized storage heaters may run out of heat more quickly and more expensive, On Peak top up heating may be required. Greenvision will ensure we are installing the correct type and size of storage heater for your property.

Learn more If you have a panel heater in a room that has a high heat demand such as a home office this would benefit from a Dimplex Quantum storage heater because it’s using off peak energy which is up to 47% cheaper to run than a panel heater. We will carry out a free heat loss calculation at the survey stage to ensure we are installing the correct-sized heater.

Hassle Free Installation

Take away the stress - Greenvision will install your Dimplex Quantum high heat retention storage heater

Sit back and relax with our award-winning installation service

Greenvision will manage every aspect of your installation. We remove and take away your old heaters, handle the radiator delivery on the morning of installation and we will leave your property clean and tidy. Our fully qualified engineers will show you how to get the best out of your new Dimplex Quantum storage heaters.

We are easy to do business with—no lengthy appointments and a quick quote within 24 hours. We’ll never try to pressure you into buying from us. Instead, we give you the information you need to make an informed decision. That’s why one of the largest energy companies in the UK, EDF Energy, trusts Greenvision to install electric heating solutions for their customers.

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Our promise to you:

  • Lower energy bills and a return on your investment*
  • Independent, unbiased advice – we recommend what’s best for you and your home.
  • A free comprehensive consultation
  • A free quote issued within 24 hours
  • A free survey.
  • An exclusive free home energy audit on completion of the installation to help identify ways to make your home more energy efficient.*
  • Guaranteed improvement to your energy performance certificate rating with the Dimplex Quantum*
Dimplex Quantum Smart Storage Heater 

Energy-saving features to help you save money

A self-learning algorithm

This algorithm learns your usage, lifestyle and weather conditions and adapts accordingly, using only the required amount of low-cost, off-peak electricity needed to charge the heaters. This ensures that no energy or money is wasted.

Open window detection technology

If enabled, your radiator can detect an open window and will automatically turn off until the window has been closed, saving energy and money. You can also lock the radiator to stop tampering.

High-precision thermostat & timer

Heat your home or specific rooms only when required. The Quantum has a built in timer and a high-precision electronic thermostat which delivers consistent and comfortable heat when required. Imagine how much energy you could save over a year.

High grade superior insulation

Old storage heaters have very little insulation inside their compartments. So, they are leaking heat from the moment they start charging. The Quantum has high levels of superior high-grade insulation keeping the stored heat locked ready for you to use when required.

FAQ's about high heat retention storage heaters

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Dimplex Quantum Smart Storage Heaters

What people think

If you remove your old storage heaters and install any new electric radiator, it will actually lower your energy performance certificate rating (EPC). This could take your property below the minimum EPC level required by law when renting. It could also make selling more difficult. Installing the Dimplex Quantum high heat retention storage heaters will definitely improve your EPC rating*. 

Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters are up to 27% cheaper to run than standard storage heaters.  They are highly insulated which ensures High Heat Retention for maximum energy efficiency.  The Dimplex Quantum unique self-learning algorithm is able to calculate how long to charge the heater and to pre-set times and temperatures to suit your day to day needs.  It will only charge the heater to the amount of heat you require, unlike an old storage heater. 

You can enjoy low running costs with the Dimplex Quantum storage heater as it uses low cost ‘off peak’ electricity. The heater’s ability to release its stored heat at preset times and temperatures means you won’t waste electricity either.

Installation is easy as the Dimplex Quantum requires no pipework or flues. Greenvision Energy can fit the storage heaters in your home, taking the hassle out of organising an electrician. The storage heaters are also virtually maintenance free. In addition, you don’t need an annual safety check.

The Dimplex Quantum is one of the most advanced storage heaters on the market and has a sophisticated self-learning algorithm. This means it “learns” your heating patterns and uses this information to calculate how long to charge the storage heater.

Yes, the Dimplex Quantum is easy to use. It is fitted with a simple manual control panel or you can control remotely with the Dimplex Control App to pre-set your heating temperatures and times. The manual control panel has an easy to read LED display allowing you to adjust the settings with the user-friendly control knobs which have been designed with the visually impaired in mind. Or use the Dimplex Control App for total remote operation and control.

Dimplex offers a standard two-year warranty on electrical components (parts and labour) and 10 years on the outer casing. If installed by Greenvision you can obtain 5 years on electrical components (parts and labour) and 10 years on the outer casing. To receive this extended warranty you need to register your Dimplex products with Dimplex on-line within 30 days of installation date. 

Dimplex offers a standard two-year warranty on electrical components (parts and labour) and 10 years on the outer casing. If installed by Greenvision you get 5 years on electrical components (parts and labour) and 10 years on the outer casing. 

This will depend on the number and size of the rooms in your property. Greenvision Energy will provide a free consultation and survey to identify the correct number and size of storage heaters you require for your property. Please call us on 0115 854 7498, email us at or complete our Online contact form at the bottom of the page for more details.

Yes, this is a great reason to upgrade to the new Dimplex Quantum storage heater.  By moving your old storage heater you can transform a room into a more comfortable living space.

You can put a Dimplex Quantum storage heater into a bedroom but you should consider how often the bedroom is going to be used and how much heat is required.

Example 1

If the bedroom was going to used as a home office where heat is required throughout the day and long periods, we would recommend a Dimplex Quantum storage heater, as this will be using cheap rate Economy 7 or Economy 10 electricity. 

Example 2

If you require very little heat in your bedroom or it is just a spare room, we would recommend the QRad panel heater which looks very similar to the Dimplex Quantum storage heater and is also compatible with the Dimplex Control App.  They do however, use on peak electricity, but because your usage will be low it will not cost a lot to run as it is highly efficient.  Installing the QRad will also save on space and installation costs.  Greenvision will be able to advise you on this.  Call us on 0115 854 7498 or email

We are an EDF Energy approved partner installer and EDF uses Greenvision exclusively for all their electric heating installations, including the installation of Dimplex Quantum high heat retention storage heaters and the Dimplex Qrad panel heater.

See our Google reviews at the bottom of the page plus testimonials below.....

Gerald McTernan, London

“Greenvision has to be the most helpful company ever sent to my property. No mess and no confusion they just got the job done. What impressed me most is they saved me £220 a year by switching my energy tariff. How’s that for service! I was not expecting them to go the extra mile but they really made the difference. The Dimplex heaters they installed are easy to use, and I’m confident they will save me even more money. Please pass on a special mention to Paul who switched my tariff and guided me through the setup, he was very professional and friendly.”

Diane Silver, Worthing

“I am pleased with how they took on board my particular situation, being chronically sick and having problems absorbing information. They took the time to explain things more than once until I understood. I had more technical questions than most and they answered all of them. They endeavoured to make this process easy for me. Greenvision team were extremely polite and took care to do the trunking to a high standard, which was important to me as it is on display. They worked round and with me, with regard to my health needs to make the experience the best it could be given that it was disrupted. Very pleased and would recommend them! ”

Sahra Bashi, London

“Fantastic install! The service your company provides is top quality – from the initial survey right through to handing over. Installation was stress free and greatly helps that your installers were courteous and clean. The Quantum’s themselves are easy to use once I was trained by your staff. You showed genuine interest in saving me money on my electric bills and I’m delighted to say that Greenvision saved me an additional £180 by switching my tariff. I was never aware how simple this was! The new heaters are clearly going to save me even more on my electric bills in the years to come. Please pass on my gratitude to all the team.”

Mark Evans, Ancaster

“In Spring 2016 I employed Greenvision Energy to install a new heating system to my property. They installed Dimplex Quantum smart storage heaters, and I can honestly say this is one of the best buys I have made. The heaters are so easy to use, and I now have complete control over my heating. My energy bills have gone down and to top it off Greenvision even changed my tariff saving an additional £330.00 per year! Greenvision’s installers were very professional and courteous, and the whole install was done in just one day with minimum fuss. They have also been on hand with help and advice since the install took place, helping me get the very best out of these heaters. “

Trevor Ball, Nottingham

“We have had the Quantum heaters installed for about a month now we are very happy with the heaters & the electric they use. I’m now spending less than ever on my bills! The installation went very well, with everything installed in a single day - no mess and a great job by Paul and his team. They explained the controls to me in detail and they are so easy to use. They look great too, so much better than the old tired storage heaters they removed. A very happy customer!“

Ms Murphy, Nottingham

“My house used to be a cold damp place to live, with condensation on all the windows and no heat on the evenings. I have had health issues recently, and really felt uncomfortable in my home. Greenvision installed the new Dimplex heaters and the difference it has made is huge. They also helped me access Winter Fuel allowance and Affordable Warmth allowance, which I didn’t know I was entitled to before. I am so much happier now and would recommend these heaters to everyone! Thanks to everyone involved”

Innovative energy solutions for Nottingham Community Housing

An innovative energy project is well under way across Nottinghamshire, thanks to funds from National Energy Action (NEA). Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) received a charitable grant of over £350,000 to deliver the project, tackling fuel poverty in 74 properties across the county.

The funding, part of a national programme, the Technical Innovation Fund; Health and Innovation Programme, aims to facilitate community-level trials of innovative solutions utilising measures not traditionally within the scope of current fuel poverty and retrofit energy efficiency programmes.

Andrea Griffiths-James from NCHA said: “We are delighted to be awarded this grant to enable us to work with Green Vision Energy Ltd to deliver this energy saving programme.”

NCHA is committed to upgrading existing homes to improve energy efficiency and help reduce fuel bills for residents. The grant has funded the introduction of High Heat Retention, Smart Storage Heaters alongside further complimentary energy saving measures such as Voltage Optimisation; High Heat Retention Hot Water Cylinders and LED Lighting. Additionally, tenant training and tariff switching guidance has helped individuals to change old habits and save even further.

Jenny Saunders OBE, Chief Executive of NEA said: “This is a new and exciting programme for NEA. We know that the solutions to tackling fuel poverty require innovation and need to be tailored to local communities and this fund has given us the opportunity to test out a range of solutions.”

The work was completed at the end of September 2016; results will be evaluated during a two year monitoring programme to demonstrate the impact the project has made.

Yes, please see below:

Social Housing Electric Heating Solutions

We have installed energy efficient measures for social housing providers such as Melton Borough Council, The Guinness Partnerhship, Nottingham Community Housing Association, Freshwater, Boston Mayflower and many more.

Landlords and Letting Agents Electric Heating Solutions

At Greenvision we believe that green energy solutions should be a fundamental goal of any profit minded letting agency. Not only will eco-friendly measures create supplementary revenue streams, but they can also stand to significantly strengthen relationships between letting agents, landlords and tenants.

We offer an EPC service with our experienced Domestic Energy Assessors to ensure your EPCs are compliant. 

Healthcare Electric Heating Solutions

Here at Greenvision we believe that energy saving solutions are one of the best ways to help improve the long-term viability of care homes for both private owners and large organisations.

With funding cuts, staff shortages and the cost of living all on the rise, there are all too many financial challenges facing the care industry.

As care home owners adapt to these challenges, it is fundamental that they find ways to be smarter and more efficient with their expenditure, without compromising on what they do best. Energy saving measures represent a simple, yet incredibly effective means for achieving this end.

Retail Electric Heating Solutions

With energy prices on the rise, simply keeping the lights on can exact a huge toll on any business. As experts in energy saving measures, Greenvision specialises in helping retail businesses reduce their energy bills.

As the Carbon Trust reports, just a handful of eco-friendly changes can be enough to reduce energy consumption by 20% – equivalent to a 5% rise in sales.

Greenvision excels at making this process as simple and convenient as possible.  We supply, install and fit when it is convenient for you.

Charities Electric Heating Solutions

We have worked with charities such as the NEA to install energy saving solutions designed to help those in need, because we believe that every UK resident is entitled to a home that is comfortable, safe, and affordable to run – along with all the health benefits that come with it.

Based on 33 reviews
Isobel Gleave
Isobel Gleave
I'm very pleased that I went ahead and replaced my old storage heaters with the new Dimplex ones. The whole process went smoothly and efficiently and Greenvision were very helpful at all stages and didn't rush me. Apart from working better than the old ones they also look smart, as does the new bedroom panel heaters. The installers did a brilliant job and didn't leave a trace.
Gemma Rogers
Gemma Rogers
Quality service for installation of a new Dimplex Quantum storage heater, Rointe electric towel rail, updated fuse box and all associated. The service provided by Greenvision went beyond all expectations. Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. Stuart and Paul provided professional advice based on what would be best for me. The virtual survey option was ideal, so we could discuss options and get a quote straight away, which meant from contacting Greenvision to installation was only a couple of weeks! Amanda was great in keeping me up to date about the installation and arrangements. On the day, Dan arrived exactly when expected and fitted everything perfectly, it's made such a difference. Thank you to everyone at Greenvision. Very impressed and wouldn't hesitate to recommend!
Peter Graystone
Peter Graystone
I found Greenvision very pleasant to work with. The explanation of the product, and the survey to check it was suitable for my home were both excellent. The engineer was courteous and efficient, although I would have loved it if he had vacuumed before he left. I'm very pleased on the whole.
Purchase and installation of Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters. Very professional from start to finish. In contact throughout. Answered questions and were friendly and helpful. Fitters were very efficient and even brought a hoover to clear up afterwards! They explained everything regarding usage. Very polite and professional from start to finish. Would recommend.
ann munro
ann munro
I instigated my business with Greenvision 6 weeks or so ago. The staff at Greenvision were informative, considerate of my needs and quick to answer any queries. Adjustments to my advantage were made after a survey which have proved to be most adequate. The installation occurred on 16th. January. The engineers were on time, efficient and considerate, clearing up and tidying up as they proceeded. They took time to make sure I understood the basics of operating my heaters. I will certainly recommend Greenvision where and when I can. So quick.
Sarah Moyer
Sarah Moyer
I used Greenvision for purchase and installation of 2 electrical high heat retention heaters for use with Economy 7. Everyone at Greenvision was friendly and helpful. Although based in Nottingham they facilitated installers for me in London. The whole process was seamless, quick and efficient. I would certainly recommend this company.
Carol G
Carol G
We purchased new Dimplex storage heaters through Greenvision. I was totally impressed by their level of knowledge, advice, customer service and ability to organise an efficient installation of these products at our property in North Wales. Highly recommended!
Lucy Reynolds
Lucy Reynolds
Very pleased with the installation of a Quantum Dimplex storage heater. Clearly explained at all stages and electrician who installed it was excellent.
Ray W
Ray W
6 Dimplex Quantum storage heaters installed to replace old heaters and associated modifications carried out to wiring in meter cupboard. Friendly helpful installers and very professional job. Highly recommended.
Brian Lomas
Brian Lomas
Supplied and fitted 3 Dimplex Quantum storage heaters. Used Greenvision because other residents in our retirement flats recommended them from their experience. They were right to do so as our experience was the same. From start to finish our experience was seamless and efficient ,polite, friendly are words that come to mind. The team that arrived with us on installation day was Nathan/Paul and Luker. All three were cleanly dressed, polite and friendly but courteous. They were very competent indeed and represented an excellent image of the Company. J B and L Lomas SANDBACH