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Haverland ECO-DRY GPS Intelligent Electric Radiator


Haverland Ceramic Core Eco-Dry GPS Electric Radiators are a premium, affordable, stylish, and energy-efficient option for electric heating. These radiators have a ceramic core that retains heat for a longer period of time, giving you a comfortable feeling of radiant heat even after you’ve switched off the radiator. This technology closely resembles the warmth and comfort of the sun’s rays. These radiators can be installed in any room, including bathrooms and conservatories, and work particularly well in rooms with high ceilings or poor insulation.

There is no pipework, no fuss, no mess. Quick and easy installation, template supplied to ensure correct height and positioning.
Key features – open window detection, adaptive start, high precision thermostat, pilot wired zone control heating system that turns heating down or off in areas, not in use by a central control unit.

13 Amp Plug
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Low In Energy Consumption

Our radiators have high-precision electronic thermostat accurate to ±0.1˚C. Less temperature variation means less energy used.

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Save Money with 24/7 Digital Programming

Fully Programmable 24/7 Digital Programming, set different times and temperatures for different rooms.

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Open Window Detection

The radiator will switch to minimum heating if a window is opened. Ideal for student accommodation & hospitality

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Pre-installed programmes

Pre-installed programming makes setting up your radiators quick and easy. You simply select the program that best suits your heating requirements.

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Quick installation

No pipework, no fuss, no mess. No need to install central controls

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Flexible Range

Available different heat outputs and sizes, . Ideal both home and businesses

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Safety & Peace of Mind

BEAB Approved Mark provides reassurance to consumers that a product has achieved the highest levels of safety. The Mark indicates that the product has been manufactured in an inspected factory, using accepted methods and that the product has been tested and assessed.

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Lot 20

Lot 20 is a piece of legislation for electrical heating products, manufactured for sale in the EU, aimed at reducing harm to the environment and providing energy savings for consumers. All heaters have to incorporate intelligent room temperature controls to minimise wasted energy.

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