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Herschel infrared offers the widest selection of energy-efficient slimline infrared heating panels for homes and businesses with chic panels, outdoor heaters and high-performance commercial heaters.  Efficient and comfortable, the smart WiFi-enabled infrared heater is designed to complement any interior. 

Infrared is the direct transfer of heat from the heater to the object (you and the room around you) without heating the air.  It gives the same feeling the sun gives us when our bodies absorb heat, making us feel warm and comfortable. 

Why buy Herschel infrared heating through Greenvision Energy?

We are an approved stockist and  installer for Herschel infrared heating. This means you will receive expert advice, fantastic value, and the very highest levels of service. Our team will guide you through Herschel’s extensive range and recommend the best product to reduce your energy bills for your home or business.

We also offer a hassle-free award-winning installation service; we have installed thousands of Herschel infrared heaters over the years. If you are looking for peace of mind, free advice on how to achieve the best efficiency from your new Herschel electrical heating products, and a professional installation,  Greenvision is here to help. We are also easy to do business with. No lengthy appointments, just a quick quote in a minute, and easy to arrange surveys and installs.

We work closely with Herschel as a partner of their choice. Start saving energy today and reduce your heating bills. Get in touch – at 0115 854 7498 or email  If you know the product you want, select from the Herschel range below for immediate delivery

What are the benefits of Herschel Infrared Heating?

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Reduces Allergies

Infrared panels heat objects and not volumes of air like conventional convection heaters. This movement of air also makes it easy for dust and allergens to circulate.

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High-precision thermostat

A highly accurate thermostat, accurate to ±0.1˚C. Less temperature variation means less energy used.

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Energy-saving technologies

‘Open window detection’ and ‘adaptive start’ provide you with important energy efficiency solutions and more

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Instant Heat

Infrared panels emit near-instantaneous heat. The heat is emitted from the panel almost immediately, so no more waiting for a room to warm up and provide consistent temperature without any cold spots!.

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Wi-Fi Controlled Heating

These electric radiators can also be controlled by using an app from your smartphone or tablet. Also compatible with Amazon Alexa – just say “Alexa, turn the heating up”.

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Hassle Free Installation Service

Let us take away the stress by installing your Herschel radiators and we’ll give you an extra 1 year guarantee on the electrical components

More reasons to to install Herschel

Herschel Select XL Glass Electric Radiator

Herschel's energy saving features

Wi-Fi Controlled Heating

Smart radiators give you the flexibility to control your heating from your smartphone or tablet via an app.

Open window detection technology

If a sudden drop in temperature is detected because of an open window, your radiator will switch to a lower temperature

High-precision thermostat

Thanks to cutting edge technology all our radiators have high-precision electronic thermostats.

Adaptive start heating technology

With adaptive start functionality, your radiators will learn the optimum time to begin warming your rooms.

Hassle Free Installation

Let us take away the stress by installing your new Herschel electric radiators

Sit back & relax with our award-winning installation service

Greenvision is a Herschel approved installer, and we manage every aspect of your installation. We are also easy to do business with—no lengthy appointments and a quick quote in minutes. We’ll never try to pressure you into buying from us. Instead, we give you the information you need to make an informed decision. We’re honest, trustworthy, and respectful. That’s why one of the largest energy companies in the UK, EDF Energy, trusts Greenvision to install electric heating solutions for their customers.
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