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SmartFusion is part of Greenvision’s Smartwarm Range.  It is our premium brand offering you the very best in ceramic clay core electric heating technology.  Stand out from the crowd with our unique golf ball design for your home or business. 

We created SmartFusion because our customers demanded the ultimate in quality, efficiency, design and a balanced mix of radiant and convected heat to maximise efficiency and quick heat up times. 

What are SmartFusion Ceramic Core Electric Radiators?

Greenvision Energy’s SmartFusion radiators offer you a quality product with fantastic heat output, manufactured to the exacting standards of German engineering.  Unlike storage heaters, these clay core radiators can be used day or night. Fireclay heat plates in the centre of the radiator contain a low wattage heating element. When the element heats up it transfers heat to the fireclay and then in turn to the radiant surface of the radiator. All this makes the SmartFusion radiator highly efficient and controllable

Are SmartFusion Ceramic Core Electric Radiators right for me?

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient and high-quality heating system then our SmartFusion electric radiators are the answer. Slim and modern but with a more traditional radiator design, the SmartFusion provides heat exactly where you want it and when you want it. Whether you have larger, ‘hard to heat’ rooms or limited space, the design and functionality of these clay core radiators will work for you.

With a wide range of radiator sizes, heat outputs and available in any colour to suit your décor, SmartFusion will fit anywhere in your home. If you are interested in buying a colour radiator please contact us on  0115 854 7498 r email us at

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What are the benefits of SmartFusion Electric Radiators

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Long Guarantees

30 year manufacturer’s warranty for the radiator body and a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on the electrical components.

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High-precision thermostat

A highly accurate thermostat, accurate to ±0.1˚C. Less temperature variation means less energy used.

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Energy-saving technologies

‘Open window detection’ and ‘adaptive start’ provide you with important energy efficiency solutions and more

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Wi-Fi Controlled Heating

Our electric radiators can also be controlled by using an app from your smartphone or tablet. Also compatible with Amazon Alexa – just say “Alexa, turn the heating up”.

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Hassle Free Installation Service

Let us take away the stress by installing your radiators and we’ll give you an extra 1 year guarantee on the electrical components (total of 3 years warranty) and a free Amazon Echo Dot.

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Wide range

A wide range of sizes including vertical for limited space, conservatory for use under low height sills and designer coloured options

More reasons to install SmartFusion Electric Radiators

SmartFusion's energy saving features

Wi-Fi Controlled Heating

Our golf ball style radiators give you the flexibility to control your heating from your smartphone or tablet via an app.

High-precision thermostat

Thanks to cutting edge technology all our radiators have high-precision electronic thermostats.

Open window detection technology

If a sudden drop in temperature is detected because of an open window, the electric radiator will switch to a lower temperature

Adaptive start heating technology

With adaptive start functionality, your radiators will learn the optimum time to begin warming your rooms.

Hassle Free Installation

Let us take away the stress by installing your new SmartFusion electric radiators

Sit back & relax with our award-winning installation service

Greenvision is a SmartWarm approved installer, and we manage every aspect of your installation. We are also easy to do business with—no lengthy appointments and a quick quote in minutes. We’ll never try to pressure you into buying from us. Instead, we give you the information you need to make an informed decision. We’re honest, trustworthy, and respectful. That’s why one of the largest energy companies in the UK, EDF Energy, trusts Greenvision to install electric heating solutions for their customers.
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